Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tracking grocery prices

Continuing to log some of the prices we're paying for groceries:

Bag quick oats 2.47
Bread 2.77 (horrendous)
Eggs 2.87
1 kg milk powder 7.99
4 L 2% milk 4.69
3 lb. carrots 1.79
Bunch celery 1.99 (cheapest I've seen recently)
2 kg sugar 1.93
1 lb. margarine 1.77

I compared the price of fluid milk, at that price, to the cost of mixing up powdered milk, at that price (not worrying about the fact that one is 2% and one is skim); there's about 20 cents per litre difference right now. Not enough to make us want to use powdered milk all the time, but just enough to make it a slightly better option for baking. (I also use powdered milk in several recipes where it's specifically called for, such as in bread recipes.)

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Sebastian said...

I have a favorite family recipe from dh's mom that calls for milk powder and water in the sauce. I made it this way for years, but had switched to just using milk. I wonder if this was an economy measure from 40 years ago and not just an effort to sell more milk powder.

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