Thursday, September 04, 2008

My childhood flashes before my eyes

In 16 mm, with a sputtering projector.

Each of these movies was shown at least three or four times in my early school years, but I hadn't seen any of them since until I thought of searching online. Looking for "Clown" required a bit of creative Google searching (it couldn't have been called something easy to find like "Purple Fossils From Venus," of course). But I did find them, actually without too much trouble, and the only one I haven't been able to watch is "One Little Indian"--we don't have the right plug-in at the minute. But at least I know that it exists and that I didn't make it up!

If you went to school before everything was shown on VCRs, what semi-educational films do you remember seeing?

Richard Balducci's "Clown"--description here (look under Drama), download here.

"Le Ballon Rouge / The Red Balloon." Uploaded on You-tube in four parts, first part here.

Grant Munro's "One Little Indian," made for Canada's National Film Board. Description and photo here, but I suddenly can't even find the page with the excerpt. Maybe you'll need to find a creaky 16mm projector to watch it.


Sebastian said...

Is One Little Indian what I'm remembering as Paddle to the Sea? A story of a carved indian canoe that goes down streams and rivers to the ocean.

Mama Squirrel said...

No, this is quite different. From the description and what I remember of it, it's about a little guy who stars in a rodeo, but somehow gets outside and can't handle the cars (has to learn some traffic safety rules). It was twenty years old even when we were watching it, but I think when it was made (1954) it was quite advanced in its animation methods.

Paddle-to-the-Sea was also an NFB film, and you can see an excerpt of it here: .

And yes, we did watch that one sitting on the kindergarten floor too; I just didn't bother to mention it.

Sebastian said...

How about one about Dick Wittington and his cat, done in a claymation style?

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