Friday, September 12, 2008

Week's Menus--Low Sodium

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I have one thing to say when it comes to low sodium recipes and especially baking: Donald A. Gazzaniga. Here's his website.

The recipe on the website for German Potato Salad sounded like we were on the right track for things that Mr. Fixit not only should but would eat, and anybody who bothers to think up a low-sodium recipe for Beef Goulash with Noodles has got to be on our page.

So most of the recipes I'm leaning on for this week's menus are from Mr. Gazzaniga's No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook. I like the Baking Book too, even though I still can't find any of that low-sodium baking powder and baking soda in amounts smaller than a caseful. We may have to order it online, although Mr. Fixit says that he doesn't really care if I use low-sodium baking powder or not because he tends to avoid eating a lot of sweets and breads anyway. (Here's the index to the Baking Book.)

Dinner menus

Friday: Tortillas with ground chicken, salt-free canned pinto beans and a little cheese

Saturday: Going out for Swiss Chalet (they have a heart-healthy menu)

Sunday: Beef Goulash, noodles, vegetables

Monday: Reheated low-sodium pizza that I made this week, along with homemade soup

Tuesday: Stuffed peppers in the crockpot, salad and bread

Wednesday: Greek lentil croquettes and Vegetable Couscous, both from the Low-Sodium book (I have my doubts about whether the Squirrelings will eat these, so we may end up cooking a box of macaroni and cheese along with it)

Thursday: Baked spicy chicken legs, potatoes, squash

Friday: Baked fish, potatoes, vegetables

Saturday: Chili, rolls, salad with "Ranch Style Dressing"

Sunday: Chicken baked in lemon sauce, rice, vegetables.

On the grocery list:

Vegetables: peppers (at least 6); garlic, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, celery, carrots, parsley, potatoes, mushrooms, radishes, lettuce, ginger root, 1 Spanish onion, and some mint if we get to the vegetable stand.

Fruit: Bananas, lemons, pears, plums.

Stuff to look for:
Low-sodium chicken and beef broth
Mrs. Dash Lemon & Herb seasoning
Frontier Seasoning's Dash'O Dill (I don't know if that's sold around here)
No-salt-added mustard
No-salt-added Worcestershire sauce

Baking needs:
Unbleached flour
jar of yeast
Icing sugar, cocoa

Bay leaf, coriander, chili flakes

Misc. staples:
Bag of egg noodles (check sodium)
Water-packed tuna
Tabasco sauce
dry kidney beans
no-salt-added canned tomato products
fruit canned in juice

2% milk and 1% milk
Unsalted butter and margarine
Low-sodium buttermilk
Light sour cream (check sodium)
Look for low-sodium cheese (very hard to find here)
Lunchbox cheese (cheese slices or strings)

Chicken breasts
10 skinless chicken drumsticks
Lunchbox sandwich meats (bologna or other cold cuts)

10-oz pkg frozen corn
Frozen concentrated apple juice

Orange juice
This and that for lunchboxes

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Beck's Bounty said...

Care to share your STUFFED PEPPERS A LA CROCKPOT recipe with me ? We love stuffed peppers, and also love anything we can make int he crockpot.

God Bless.

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