Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How's school going? (Math)

How's Miquon Math going this year?

I have to laugh...Crayons reminds me so much of her big sister The Apprentice in some ways, and one of their similarities was that Miquon Math--wonderful program though it is--wasn't designed for them.

Ponytails loved it. The other girls didn't and don't.

The reasons, if you're unfamiliar with of my homeschooling friends describes it as "loosey goosey," meaning fairly unstructured. It's a program that encourages discovery, making connections between the four basic operations, and going beyond those even in the elementary years. For some kids, that's exactly what's needed--other kids are more like, "just show me how to do it and never mind all this other stuff." Those are usually the kids who don't like using Cuisenaire rods either.

It's not that I don't understand this program now (I'm on my third time through it) or that I don't try to teach it creatively and to each girl's math needs. Even The Apprentice, who balked at a lot of Miquon, turned out later on to have gotten a good understanding of mathematics (she now does very well in high school math). But I can see the road ahead, and I think we might have to switch programs at some point.

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Birdie said...

I've had to switch programs when something that worked with a previous child didn't work with the one currently using it a few times myself. It is amazing just how truly unique each of our children are.