Monday, January 12, 2009

Another homeschool business shafted by the CPSIA

The Erskine family will no longer be producing their vintage audio recordings; they're closing out their inventory. [Update: this is not entirely correct; see Jyl's clarification in the comments.]

You can't buy those at Stuff-mart.


Katie said...

This is really sad. I hope they are able to start up again fairly quickly and without a lot of expense.

(I went over and purchased some of their CDs.)

Anonymous said...

Not to worry - this is only temporary - they'll be selling again in a few weeks. They just needed to sell off the "old" stock.

Note: We are NOT going out of business, but because of the upcoming CPSIA regulations that take effect on Feb 9th, it was necessary for us to liquidate our current physical product inventories. We hope to again have our CD collections available in the Spring of 2009.



But I'm still trying to get answers from homeschool publishers in the US whether they're liquidating things or whether they can certify everything in time. Can't imagine how a place like Christian Book Distributors could be compliant in time...


Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Jyl.

Cecilia said...

There is something you can do to help save small business from the cpsia:

:: We Need Your Last Minute Votes at ::

Please VOTE at to Save Small Business from the CPSIA. The deadline is at 5pm EST, just over an hour from now! Please spread the word to friends and family. Your vote today will ensure a prominent place on the national agenda for small children's product manufacturers. Vote here:

Thank you!


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