Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Game: My Favourite S Things

At Home on the Rock assigned me the letter S: what are Mama Squirrel's ten favourite things starting with S?

Well, not shovelling snow, that's for sure.

1. Secondhand sales.

2. Snoopy--I'm very fond of old Peanuts cartoons.


The sidebar's in the way there--if you want to see the last panel, you'll have to click on the comic strip.

3. Stump the Bookseller. I won a free "stumper" for helping solve other peoples' lost book questions; if you want to help me out, it's #B661 on the New Stumpers page. (Doesn't anyone out there remember Pat and Eunice?)

4. Spinach-stuffed shells.

5. Stories.

6. Sitting on the sand in the sunshine at the seashore in the summer.

7. Swiss chocolate in my stocking

8. School supplies in September

9. Sherlock Holmes--the series with Jeremy Brett.

10. Squirrels! (But not in the house, except for Dewey.)

If any you want to amuse yourselves with this adventure--I'm abitrarily assigning you the letter A. Ponytails? Apprentice?

Photo credit: Mr. Fixit


Birdie said...

Second hand sales, school supplies, Snoopy... So many wonderful things all in one blog post! Thanks for the happy thoughts!

Berry said...

Hi, I've linked to this page, I've played using "A"! Thanks!

Ruby @ Science Summer Camp said...

I love second hand sales! It's an adventure to go through those shops and find a treasure!

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