Monday, January 19, 2009

Crayons' Spelling List

Crayons' spelling words this week come from this poem by Shel Silverstein.

"Eighteen Flavors"

Eighteen luscious, scrumptious flavors
Chocolate, lime and cherry,
Coffee, pumpkin, fudge banana
Caramel cream and boysenberry.
Rocky road and toasted almond,
Butterscotch, vanilla dip,
Butter brickle, apple ripple,
Coconut and mocha chip,
Brandy peach and lemon custard,
Each scoop lovely, smooth and round,
Tallest ice cream cone in town,
Lying there (sniff) on the ground.

1 comment:

Sebastian said...

I normally can't stand his poetry, but shall have to make an exception in this case.

Has Crayons ever ready A Pizza the Size of the Sun by Jack Prelutzky?

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