Monday, January 05, 2009

Frugal Laughter on Kids' TV

On one episode of Arthur, super-wealthy third-grader Muffy has to stay overnight with her friend Francine's family, and gets a taste of working-class reality (leftovers, what are those?). At one point she gets into a discussion about this with Francine's father.

Mr. Frensky: Well, what would I do with more money anyway? Could it buy me a nicer family?

Muffy: No...but you could get more TV channels.

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Adventures On Beck's Bounty said...

I wish more children (viewers) "got" that message (since they seem to consistantly miss what Jesus said about money and material things) .... money does not equal a better life / family / world .... and more tv channels is a good thing ?!?!

HA !

Grace & Peace.

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