Thursday, January 01, 2009

Photos from Christmas--mostly crafts

Some of the spool-and-bead angel dolls Crayons and I made for everyone.

I'm making a Cobblestone afghan with some yarn I bought on Boxing Day. (The pattern is from a 1991 Herrschner's Crochet Patterns.)

This is the Pet Net I made for Crayons--she's going to hang it in the corner of her room. (Made with Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn.)

Dewey with his special gift--see the squirrel riding on the sled? (Squirrels aren't the only ones who go to the Thwift Shop.)

My Secret Sister at church gave me a candle ring, and I put a glass ivy jar (saved from a wedding) in the middle of it and added some ribbon and an ornament--this was our centerpiece for Christmas dinner.


Birdie said...

Great stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished picture of that afghan. ;)

Mama Squirrel said...

It may be awhile--I'm just into the second set of squares (see how the first set are just finished there, with a couple of rows begun to the right?), and there are supposed to be nine sets in all. I'm a little worried that two balls (even big balls) of yarn may not be enough for that plus fringe--and Michael's just dropped the price on that yarn again by another dollar, so I may go back and get another ball while it's on sale.

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