Friday, January 02, 2009


I forgot to mention these along with our other Christmas crafts...after I got done making the gift sacks but still felt like sewing, I pulled out some fairly large but slightly uneven fabric scraps. These were left from a couple of our (infrequent) clothes sewing projects: pajamas for The Apprentice (about three years ago?), and a less-than-successful skirt-making project with Ponytails last year.

I didn't have a pattern and didn't need one. For size, I measured against an existing pillowcase; and I just (carefully) patched together enough of the largest pieces to make the proper-sized rectangles; sewed up the sides, then hemmed and top-stitched the open ends.

So the scrap box got a bit lighter, and each girl got a pillowcase made out of fabric that I already knew she liked.

(I made Crayons a nightgown in the fall, and there was enough left over then to make a doll's nightie as well, but that was it--we guessed just about right when we were buying that fabric. So she got the pet net instead of a pillowcase. But last night I was rummaging in a drawer and found the Babyclose Sling (a large tube of print fabric) that I sewed when she was little--and she decided she wanted that put over her pillow at bedtime, without its even being sewed up at one end. She thought it was pretty funny having a "pillowcase" made out of her baby sling.)

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Birdie said...

Good idea! We always seem to need pillow cases no matter how many we get. What DO children do with them anyway?

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