Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pre-crocheted Produce Bags

Ann (Holy Experience) linked to a post on The Long Thread with a roundup of tutorials for craft projects--looks like mostly sewing, but not all: there's a cardboard dollhouse, Snow-Globe Soap, crocheted heart, and fusible-interfacing origami. I can see why Ann liked this post!

But the project I wanted to point out is the Dilly Doily Bag Tutorial on Scrumdillydilly. My first thought was--isn't that a bit impractical, using vintage doilies for carrying dirty vegetables? But actually cotton thread makes lots of sense--I mean, that's what people knit and crochet string bags out of, and dishcloths too. If you wash the bags carefully, why shouldn't it work fine?

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Birdie said...

The cotton yarn should make for great produce bags. I should think that this would be an especially good use for slightly damaged, but still lovely doilies. for those who might not feel entirely comfortable putting a doily to this particular use, I would think that net fabric would make a good substitute.

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