Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SPAM in the place where you live...

(It's from a Weird Al song, in case you didn't know)

The DHM beat me to this Globe and Mail story about economically-stressed Canadians stocking up on canned stuff.

Yeah, Mama Squirrel is scratching her furry little head over this story too. We're kind of out of the loop on some of this stuff anyway, due both to Mr. Fixit's diet limitations and the fact that canned soup went way up in price this past year. But really--even in the tough times, there are other things to eat than That Stuff in the Can.


Jacci said...

Amen. My sister and I were just talking about this after reading a local newpaper article that touted Spam as "cheap" at $2.49/lb!!! I don't even pay that much for boneless, skinless chicken breast if I can help it. Ground beef *not* on sale is $1.69/lb. here. Yeesh! Anyway, preaching to the choir ;)

Thanks for the new link in the sidebar, btw. I'm officially a "follower" now, too :) I read far more often than I comment!

Have a great afternoon :)


Jacci said...

Oh, an I *did* know that it was a Weird Al song. Now, I'll be singing it all night. Thanks ;)

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Two points- maybe three?
One- I just looked at the article again- see the logos of the name brand items in the left side-bar? I begin to suspect this 'article' is a paid placement.

2. So, it's not just an American thing that I think SPAM and Velveeta are expensive?

3. Jacci- are you sure that article touted SPAM as cheap at 2.49 a pound? SPAM usually sells in 12 ounce cans. So it's probably even MORE expensive than we thought.

4. In that article somebody complained about potatoes being 7.00 for a ten pound bag. Yes, I think that's expensive for potatoes.
But... it's still comes out to less than 1.00 for a pound. Potatoes are highly nutritious. High in carbs, too, no doubt, and not everybody can eat 'em, but they are very high in many vitamins and minerals.
So withing the article the reporter mentions a healthy, dense, filling, natural food for less than 1.00 a pound, and yet still pushes the processed gunk that costs closer to three times as much per pound as the only option poor low income people have?


Adventures On Beck's Bounty said...

In order for most people to know there is food OUTSIDE the can, you have to assume that they know how to cook, and also would have some knowledge of what kitchens are really for (other than "accessories" and decorating) ... and what a nutritious balanced meal really is (without cans, and without the drive-thru). Hummmmmmmm.....

It makes you wonder how people survive, doesn't it ?

Oh, and thanks for the Weird Al song ... I will be singing it in my sleep tonight b/c I cannot get it out of my head. HA !

Grace & Peace,

Mama Squirrel said...

Sorry about giving you all Weird Al ear-worms. (I've always liked his version of La-la-la-lasagna. Sung to "La Bamba.")

DHM, I have no idea about the price of canned luncheon meat or Velveeta, as I never buy the stuff. (Not being holier than thou about that, though--Mr. Fixit buys cheese slices for lunchbox sandwiches.) But I'll send out some spies to see what the prices are like around here.

Molytail said...

one of my fave Weird Al songs ......

I've never had spam. I never will, since I went veggie in my early teens....dh likes it though...weird alien-like blob of...something LOL

Jacci said...

If I remember correctly the article just had the price of a can (?)/container (?) of SPAM - my sister and I figured out the price per pound from that, lol. How's that for entertainment? ;)

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