Thursday, January 01, 2009

Who would have thought...

Mr. Fixit likes giving presents that everybody can use together.

Last year he found a whole box of Three Stooges videos on E-bay. VHS has become a real bargain in the last couple of years, since many people only have DVD players now.

This year he gave us a dozen or so Dr. Who videos--a "best episodes" collection from the 1960's through the 1980's, with some of our favourite Doctors. It even includes the first regular episode ever, An Unearthly Child. "Set in London in 1963, 'An Unearthly Child' is our very first brush with the Doctor. Teachers Ian and Barbara follow a mysterious pupil, Susan, home one evening and find that she lives in a junkyard. Suddenly her uncle, the Doctor, appears but they suspect Susan is being held in the police box. On entering this box their lives change forever..."

[Ponytails pointed out that it's not her uncle, it's her grandfather.]

However, my personal favourite is the scene in Destiny of the Daleks where Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) tells the evil evil evil (and loquacious) Davros to "shut up or I'll switch you off."

Thanks, Mr. Fixit!


Sebastian said...

How fun. This year we discovered the new Dr Who with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant playing the doctor. We've had great fun watching these and reliving our early years of catching Dr. Who on PBS every week.

Mama Squirrel said...

We reserve the new series for late night, and preview the episodes before allowing even Ponytails to watch them. (Crayons isn't even sure she likes the old ones yet.) Daleks and monsters (in the old episodes) are one thing, but some of the storylines in the new series aren't what we feel fall within acceptable viewing for our Squirrelings--both for mature content and for general scariness.

They did like those Slitheen and MP Harriet Jones.

Henry Cate said...

It is fun to rewatch old favorites.

We're working through "Babylon 5" right now. This is the second time for me, and the first time for my daughters. We're having a great time.

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