Sunday, January 04, 2009

Yeah right, like the thrift shop is going to set up a testing facility

New regulations ban the sale of children's toys and other products (the ones with possible lead contamination etc.) by thrift shops. (Follow Meredith's links.)

I don't know what I think--there are so many sides to this story. Nobody wants kids to get sick. But like Meredith says--donated toys will have to go straight to the dump.

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Birdie said...

Ironically, within just a few years, the majority of items going to thrift shops will have already been tested when they were new. In the meantime, these regulations will hurt all sorts of small time home businesses (many of whose raw materials will have already been tested by the manufacturers) and put thrift shops out of business, too.

While no one wants anyone to be exposed to anything harmful, these regulations seem more aimed at strangling smaller businesses and home businesses at a time when they are most needed to help the economy. Sadly, no matter how many regulations are in place, you cannot protect everyone from everything harmful.

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