Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going to the Dogs

From the Maiden America website:

"Maiden America’s Handmade Hair Accessories are Temporarily UNAVAILABLE for purchase for CHILDREN – you may purchase barrettes ONLY FOR YOUR DOGS."


Birdie said...

That would be funny if the truth behind it weren't so sad.

Tristan Benz - Maiden America - said...

Well, folks can also buy them for women - guess I should have put that in there...I mean, if the trend is to dress our girls up as mini women, why not go for a trend of youthful products for women, right?

It is a heart-breaking thing, to feel a need, as a mom, to take such a stand. And I do - because this is bigger than me...bigger than our business...bigger than all small businesses, really...even bigger than the economic impact (which is not nothing). This is about defending our rights to define our laws according to WE, the people - not they, the special interests (or he, Big Brother, for that matter). This is big. BIG big...

Will we sleep better if we live in fear or inaction, allowing our authority to be removed while others decide "on our behalf" what is best for OUR children (and they're replacing one chemical for another apparently - one of which I understand causes kidney damage in rats - how is THIS in the best interest of our children)? Will we sleep better knowing we leave it to our children to solve the problems now growing like a virus, as a result of this law? I won't...I won't sleep. So, for now, the best I can think to do is do what I still have a right to do in our country: speak out while maintaining my integrity and keeping within the laws.

Hopefully, we'll see more people learning about this law that has taken our nation by surprise and they'll feel a need to voice their own views - I have to say, the comment about a thrift pulling books quietly so as not to cause a "panic" is quite telling - see How can any law taking a nation by surprise be the will of the poeple? If it could cause "panic" there is a truth behind this thought...

Thanks for your post.
Warm Regards,
Tristan Benz
Maiden America

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