Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now this video I just don't get (CPSIA)

A news segment about Goodwill pulling stuff off the shelves--and check out the little exchange between the newscasters at the end.

The news item makes it sound like ALL THOSE ITEMS contain lead. That it's all about recalls and health and responsibility. That all that's happened is that there are new levels of product safety out there, isn't that nice?

It makes it sound like the fact that "They're out there watching" (last line) is a Good Thing.

Something about that, I just don't get.


Sebastian said...

Well, I sent the news desk an email complaining about the poor coverage in the piece.

What is most annoying to me is that I don't really think that it will have any impact on the incidence of lead in toys from overseas at all. If you can falsify a test on the contents of baby milk, you can falsify all sorts of tests. All that a big retailer will have to say is that they had a test document in hand.

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks, Sebastian--every voice, right?

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