Wednesday, March 04, 2009

No cookies for you (CPSIA)

See what you think about using CPSIA testing as a business advantage.
"As you enter, you see a sign that says "All of our baby clothing is tested and certified safe according to the CPSIA". Do you think that just might plant a seed in the minds of discriminating shoppers?The seed it plants is this: "Shouldn't everyone's stuff be tested and certified safe?" Hmmm, now I wonder whose stuff *isn't* tested and certified."
Hmmmm, so I go down the street, find somebody who doesn't have a sign on their baby clothing, and send the CPSIA police after them?

I wonder how many of those hypothetical customers will even know what the CPSIA is.


Gena said...

Amen to that. You know they use that sign just to sell more stuff - whether it is true or not. So ridiculous.

Happy Thursday to you.

Sebastian said...

Ok, the first time I read your post I didn't click through to the other blog. Yuck. Great for him, he's got a business schtick selling how to sell.
But interesting that he doesn't address the extra legal liability that a sign like this brings to the retailer. Did the *retailer* test the products (those handmade clothes that he refers to) or did they rely on the supplier? Or did they just assume that all these natural things must be in compliance. Or is it just a marketing tool? What if the snaps on some jump suit are actually found to have lead in them? What then for the shop with that sign? Doesn't that make the violation more egregious?
Just give me my books back.

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