Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of knee socks, door colours and other such small things (CPSIA)

Read the Common Room's heartfelt plea against what the CPSIA has done. And if you're not still convinced, dig out a (post-1985) copy of The Gammage Cup and read that too.
"Well," Muggles said again, "Well, that's not quite true. I mean, you must admit that Curley Green, at least, prefers scarlet, else she wouldn't paint her door that color. And I--" she hesitated and swallowed nervously. "And I--" She swallowed once more, and then gasped out, "I like it myself!"....

[The villagers discuss whether Minnipins have a right to paint their doors whatever color they like.]

"Periods [the ruling family] know what is right and what is wrong," said Dingle the Miller solemnly. "It has always been that way. Don't the Periods hold the high offices because of their wisdom?"

"Yes, yes!" everybody agreed....

"Of course, it's their doors," Reedy pointed out.

"But it's our village!" cried Bun....

[Curley Green said] "I hadn't realized that it was so offensive to everybody. I even thought, but I suppose this is silly, that there were some folk who enjoyed looking at my door...."

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Beck's Bounty said...

Couldn't find your email - sorry. Wanted to share this article which is the first main stream media mention of the "law".


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