Monday, March 16, 2009

What's next, rules about when to breathe?

I am not going to talk much about the bill that would send American farmers' markets haywire. I'm just passing on the link because my friend Queen Shenaynay explained to me how much this affects what people are going or not going to be allowed to grow in their gardens or put in their mouths in the years to come.


Birdie said...

Like the whole CPSIA debacle, this just makes me want to scream!

Sebastian said...

What annoys me the most about this most recent bill is when people say, well they won't just come and . . .
Maybe the one thing that I've learned from CPSIA is that you can't assume that the government won't. Won't make draconian laws through intent or incompetence and then refuse to back down from them. Won't go ahead and make confusing and strict regulations based on those laws. Won't throw hundreds and thousands of companies into disarray because those who wrote the law and voted yea can't be bothered to admit that they made a mistake.
So when someone says, come on, they're not going to come and stop private gardening, it makes me want to roll my eyes. Maybe the backhoe squad won't be rolling through the neighborhood looking for errant carrot rows. But if the farmer's markets and roadside stands are curtailed, then lots of small farms on the edge of viability will lay fallow. And without those folks buying seed, how long are a variety of seed companies going to stay in business?

Beck's Bounty said...

Oh yes, the government indeed needs to do "more of the same" only on a larger grander scale, all in the name of Food Safety. Hummmm.

Afterall, there is the incredible track record showing their methods work, right ... spinach, lettuce, beef, peanuts ... although I do not recall any of those items coming from small-scale farms, nor gardens ... but rather from government-monitored "safe" food methods and agri-business.

Hummmmmmmmm. They have done a bang-up job so far, haven't they, of keeping us all safe ?!?!?

Arg !!

Grace & Peace,

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