Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another CPSIA post: How come so many are still in the dark about this?

Hat tip to the DHM for this Doodles and Noodles post.

From the post:
"Really?" I said. "Who on the other side are you hearing from? Because I've gone door-to-door in a middle-class neighborhood full of NPR-listening moms with advanced degrees, I've waylaid dozens of "safety moms" at a nearby upscale mall, and I've chatted up teachers, librarians, children's nonprofit staffers, doctors and nurses, and other mental health professionals (in other words, the people most likely to know about and/or care about CPSIA) - and not one of them had even heard of this law. And after I explained to them....their reactions ran the gamut from 'That's insane!' to 'They'll never enforce it.' Not one thought the law was a good idea. So I'm very curious about who these folks are on the other side."

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Sebastian said...

I think there is a lot of wishfulness in the idea that, "They'll never be able to do that." I noticed that in a discussion of a farm products safety bill. People were openly disdainful of the idea that it would ever pass or have the scope that was proposed. All I could say was that they were blissfully ignorant of the CPSIA rules and the impact it is already having.

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