Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My last poll was great but here's another!

It's a quiz actually!

What kind of look do you love?

You just got a cool new license plate, what does it most likely say?

A) DramaQueen

B) Sk8terGirl

C) RelaxN'Coffee

What is your closet packed with?

A) Lacey frilly tops
B) Cargo pants & sunglasses
C) Sweat pants & screen tees

What kind of movie do you like the best?

A) Hollywood
B) Action

Mostly A's: You enjoy to dress glamourously and high top!
Mostly B'S: You like to dress how you like and always dress comfortably, but you still have a edge!
Mostly C's: You have a huge desire to dress comfortably and like to dress how ever you like!

Note to readers: This is for entertainment only because, of course, you dress how you like this is only a quiz & is not always true. Thank you.


1 comment:

Ponytails said...

I like chocolate. (Wow, that was random!)

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