Saturday, May 02, 2009

Even if you DO feel inadequate

We had a similar experience, homeschooling with Shakespeare!

"He flattered me at one point, saying, "So you've taught them everything they know about Shakespeare, wow!"

"I didn't know what to say then. Because all we do is read his plays. I think Shakespeare teaches them more about Shakespeare than I do."-- "All Geeked Up," posted by Katie on CM, Children and Lots of Grace


Katie said...

That's great! Will you tell us about it?

We had another funny Shakespeare experience a couple of months ago. Triss is taking an acting class, and the teacher went around to everyone asking what they would like to learn in the class. When she got to Triss, she mentioned that she would like to do some Shakespeare. The teacher said, "Wow, that's really difficult. Honey, you know, Shakespeare has a lot of big words in it."

This was a jr. high/high school acting class.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Katie said...

Um, Triss told the teacher she would like to act out some Shakespeare. I don't think I made that clear.

(Triss told the teacher that she reads the plays at home with her family, including her 8yo sister, who refuses to be left out of the fun. Very politely, of course.)

Dana said...

My daughter recently came across a book of Shakespeare's plays I had been reading to them some time ago but got out of the habit.

"Oh! Mom! This is the book! I've missed it. Can you read it again?"

It was a great moment in homeschooling. :)

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