Friday, June 19, 2009

All kinds of math (carnivals)

Denise at Let's Play Math posted a reminder about the Carnival of Mathematics #53 and also today's Math Teachers at Play #9 - Game Time! That one looks really fun, and here's a sample:
"You know those illusions on the back of cereal boxes where your eyes trick you into thinking two identical objects aren’t? Well, Pat Ballew has a very interesting post on the subject, including links to video and some java applets that let you play with and manipulate the shapes. Check it out: Fool me once, Fool me Everytime? posted at Pat’sBlog.

"And if you really want to confuse your brain and eyes, check out “A Pattern’s Math Magic” and Nick’s review of Tokolo Pattern Magnets and the math behind them at NYTimes Blog: The Moment."

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Misty said...

Thank you for the link and nice comments. I enjoyed your blog.


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