Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Seabird rolls over and squawks

We're squeezing Holling Clancy Holling's Seabird into the last month of school--not the best way to do it, probably, but it is shorter than Pagoo and the chapters are all only a page long.

I found these printable Seabird notebooking pages at HomeschoolShare.com. Also this educator's take on using the Holling books. I include this only for purposes of illustration:

"2. Have students read Minn of the Mississippi, Seabird, and Paddle to the Sea and make journal entries for each chapter identifying and analyzing the five themes of geography. Have the student paraphrase the passages and tell why it is an example of the theme they are writing about based on their analysis. There should be at least 1 example for each chapter."


On a lighter note, here's a real carved ivory seagull.

And a fairly easy version of scrimshaw (no plaster of Paris needed). And a plaster version too.

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Donna-Jean said...

Whoa indeed. Kind of leaves one breathless! And I thought I was doing a lot by trying to follow it on a map :-)

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