Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's the Apprentice doing?

The Apprentice is pretty much finished her high school exams for this year (English, biology, and computer engineering. Really.) But today she's taking an extra examination at a local community college, to complete the first level of her hairstyling certification. Next year she takes the other half of the exam...then she'll be certified as a hairstylist except for needing to complete more work hours. (It takes a lot of hours to do an apprenticeship.)

And then she's done school for the summer too! (Except that she still needs to write a homeschool philosophy exam for Mama Squirrel...probably the last she'll ever do.)

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songbirdy said...

Do you think she could fix up my sadly horrid hair cut? Sigh... the hair stylist offered to give it another go for free, but do I really wish to subject what were my 12 inch locks and are currently various inches from 6 to 2 inches to her for another pass of the hacking scissors? Sometimes I wish I could cut my own hair! All the best, enjoy the apprenticeship hours!

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