Monday, September 28, 2009

Mrs. Black Thumb gives it another go

I found a Chia Terra Cotta Gourmet Herb Garden at a yard sale on the weekend, new in the box, still shrink-wrapped.

What you have to know is that I have not EVER...that I remember...had a long-term successful house plant. Floral, vegetable, whatever. I like our outside garden because mostly it just grows...if we have a drought I pour some water on it, and we do add compost, but that stuff's pretty hard to kill unless you get blossom end rot or slugs or...okay, we've had a few failures there too.

But house herbs with Chia sponges?

Well, we'll give it a shot.


Molytail said...

House plants have never done well here either - if I don't kill them, the cats do. Even tried a cactus - somewhere, I have a photo of Toby (one of the felines) in mid-bite.

We just stick to construction paper flowers now. :-P

Birdie said...

When it comes to plants, if you can grow it, I can kill it! I hope you do better than I do.

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