Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My life and welcome to it (Great Books Week)

"Wednesday: I’d write my autobiography, but I don’t need to, because my story has already been told in… [what classic book?]"

I don't think anybody's written a novel yet about a wanna-be writer squirrel who decided there were too many bad books in the world already and thought she'd settle for office work, but then met Prince Forever-in-blue-jeans Charming driving a '66 Galaxy, and found her niche homeschooling three squirrelings, cooking schmecksy food, and being Cyberbuddy to assorted bloggers.

Or you could say that I've been Christian, I've been Bilbo, I've been Rabbit (and sometimes Piglet and Eeyore), I've been Anne, I've been Valancy, I've been King David and Mary Lennox and some of Anne Tyler's people. All those book places I've been, I've been those people too.
Right about then, I read The Lord of the Rings. I'd never liked books about elves and stuff but Hobbits are something else. I went around for weeks feeling that people were too big. --Jean Little, Kate (1971)

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Birdie said...

Ironically, you have been writing a bit of your story on your blog! ;) My story has also never really been told and perhaps it is best that it should remain that way. I doubt that my life would be of much interest to anyone save my children.