Monday, October 05, 2009

Seven books, one island? (Great Books Week)

Seven books I'd spend my exile reading? Me and Burgess Meredith...I'd make sure I took a glasses repair kit along as well.

Hm...books I've always wanted to read, or favourite re-reads?

Books to read out loud?

It's pretty hard to say...and I suppose it's cheating to recommend a great big anthology of some kind? I'm also avoiding the "Boat Building for Dummies" suggestion.

Okay, a Bible. And Pilgrim's Progress. Two easy ones. And a hymn book for entertainment and edification. That's three. Collected Shakespeare's Play's; if it was good enough for the Noble Savage, it's good enough for me. That's four.

A book of James Thurber's mildly disturbing cartoons, because it will take me that long to understand some of them. Five.

A dictionary so we can play definition games. Six.

And I can't decide on the seventh...maybe Kipling's Just So Stories, maybe Plutarch, maybe The Handbook of Nature Study just to give us something else to do.

Boy, this one was hard. But the island game always is. (And my answers change every time.)

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Sebastian said...

This was fun, but also hard for me. I did go ahead and include an anthology, in particular the English lit book I used in high school.
Thanks for posting the Great Books Week info. It's been a while since I did much blogging. This is a good reason to start again.