Monday, November 16, 2009

The homeschool bloggers that got away

Don't forget to vote for the HSBA winners this week (you have five days left). In some of the categories it's already pretty obvious who the winners are going to be, unless there's a major earthquake or a whole town votes for somebody.

Also, you can help Kim at Raising Olives to maybe win a prize for her Rain Gutter Book Shelves tutorial. This project is featured on Design Dazzle. As part of Design Dazzle's birthday celebration, they will be posting other ideas (they'll all be up by noon today), and you get to vote for your favourite by leaving a comment on the relevant Design Dazzle post (here's the one for the bookshelves). The favourite project gets a prize, and three of the voters will also be selected to win a prize. I think more details about this will be posted on the Design Dazzle site.

But there are other good blogs out there that for some reason didn't get enough nominations this year, or just do their blogging more I'm having my own Don't Miss This recognition awards today.

The Abarbablog They were blogging back before blogging was cool--all of them--and they've homeschooling about as long as we have. They're also good friends of Dewey Squirrel. And if they'd quit posting about things like Zombie Attacks and poker games in between the mission trips to Uganda, then Mama Squirrel wouldn't be so nervous about nominating them for the Family Blog and Nitty Gritty and Best Variety awards...but then they wouldn't be the Abarbablog. So don't change, we like you all the way you are even if we've come to look forward to a certain amount of blood and destruction in your posts.

The blogger formerly known as Queen Shenaynay, now going by Lynn B., has resumed posting at The Beehive, and she gets the Loveliness is Everywhere award. (There isn't one in the HSBA category, I just made it up.) Some people blog loveliness with photos; Lynn does it with words. And sometimes pictures too.

The Country Cottage gets a Week's Best CM Post award today for "Understanding Growth."

And Javamom continues to post about homeschooling her teens (as does Tootle's Time), and generally living life...she gets the Best Variety of Interesting Interests award.

From big to littles--did the Queen of Carrots get nominated this year? In any case, she gets the Treehouse's Most Miles Logged Running After Little Ones award.

And don't forget some of the others: CM, Children and Lots of Grace; Birdy's Blog; Adventures on Beck's Bounty; Liberty and Lily; A Peaceful Day. A few of our old favourites haven't updated in awhile so I'll leave them for another day.

Congratulations to you all--you're all appreciated here.


Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Oh Mama Squirrel, thank you so much for the mention of my rain gutter shelves. That is so, so kind of you.


Lynn B. said...

Oh, thank you, kind friend! That does make it feel all better.

Though honestly, since I was in semi-sabbatical for all but about three months of this award year, I would have felt a bit sheepish about it had we been nominated this year.

So my daughter's blog nomination will do just fine for this year! If you ask me, she definitely should win. Shocking, I know.

Beck's Bounty said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, how sweet !! Thank you for your sweet mention.


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