Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December is Fixing Food Mistakes

Sleepless nights with a coughing Squirreling, plus the general dark days and "gotta get this done" stress of school-plus-holidays, have left Mama Squirrel in...well, let's just say she's not been at her brightest lately.

That became obvious this morning when even a so-easy pan of Magic Cookie Bars turned out crumbly and...just kind of strange. Not burned or anything, but not anything you could put on a cookie plate.

After thinking it over for awhile, Mama Squirrel turned to one of her best friends...well, besides the human friends...the food processor.

Into the f.p. went most of the cookie bars, a cupful of raisins, and a splash of orange juice. Vmmmm went the f.p. When it started to grrrt instead of vmmmm, Mama Squirrel stopped it, rolled the mixture into balls, rolled those in coconut, and put them in mini baking papers (mini muffin cups). The papers are not required, but we had one other kind of candy that DID turn out already in papers, and this way we can mix and match.

Salvage operation successful.

Mama Squirrel is now going to take a nap. After she shovels the steps.

1 comment:

christinethecurious said...

Oh that's great - and funny! I just read it to my husband. I like the way you think.

-Christine in Massachusetts

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