Saturday, January 02, 2010

Eating from the pantry...and the health food store...and the department store

I posted about the January cook-from-the-pantry challenge, but hadn't decided what to do about it. Mr. Fixit was only lukewarm about the idea; he figured we were already doing a pretty good job of using things up (and he was afraid there might be some weird meals). Then I felt kind of bad because Katie said that she was going to try it since we were doing it...

so I decided that the least I could do was a) try to pantry-cook as much as I can this month, even if we are still buying groceries, and b) post a Grocery-Cart-Challenge-style shopping report. Just to report the truth about what we actually buy.

And this turned out to be the weekend we bought all the weird stuff...we didn't even make a "real" grocery trip to the supermarket. Just don't take this all as a great example of frugality.

We stopped at the bulk store, and Mr. Fixit went off to the health-food store (not a frequent stop, it's too expensive) to buy cleaner and brought back some cereal as well; then we went to Zeller's (like Wal-mart) to do some post-Christmas shopping and rounded things out in their grocery department. They charge more than Regular Cheap Supermarket does for bread, but since we were already there we were stuck with it.

Natural food store:

Organic bran flakes $8.79
Gorilla Munch cereal $4.99
Bulk cream of wheat cereal $2.38
All-purpose cleaner $6.59

Bulk Barn:

.535 kg icing sugar $1.28
.075 kg dried apples $1.69
green tea $3.19
.265 kg cocoa $3.95
.195 kg unsalted pretzels $.93
.735 kg bean soup mix $1.60
.265 kg raisins $1.75
.525 kg arborio rice $3.46
.45 kg short grain brown rice $1.08


4 L 2% milk $3.99
2 loaves bread @$2.49 each, total $4.98
1 L apple juice $.99
1 small can tuna, FREE with coupon
1 790 ml can tomatoes $.99
Dish soap $1.99
2 bottles ginger beer @.99 each, total $1.98
Cup-a-soup for dd's school lunches, $1.79
1 L low-sodium beef broth, $1.99 with coupon

Grand Total: $60.38
Photos: Ponytails


Katie said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry! I should have read more carefully. Please don't feel like you need to do anything. :D

We're going to have to purchase things this month after all-- I was already planning on buying dairy and produce, but it looks like we'll need grains and possibly some meat by the end of the month, too. We tend to hypoglycemia and need most of our dinners to contain meat. But I'm still going to try to use up pantry items by planning meals around the things that have been here too long.

Dusti said...

Hello, I came by way of the GCC. I use some from Ambleside too. :) Last week I was cooking from the pantry and my hubby gave me a few looks a couple of nights but we all survived. It is good to use up what we have. I spent a lot so far this month but plan to spend the rest of the month cooking so will post recipes later.
Blessings on your week.

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