Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Grocery Challenge, continued

Amused but unapologetic feetnote: The Common Room linked to this story about a too-expensive meal featuring--salmon. And guess what we're having tonight...well, we bought some last week and it was in the freezer, so we're eating it. Coincidence was unintended.

What have we been eating around here? Sunday night we had sausage baked with a couple of potatoes, some frozen cheese perogies, broccoli, carrot sticks, and a pie donated by Grandpa Squirrel.

Monday, the last bit of sausage went into bean soup for lunch, and we had the Tightwad Gazette's hamburger-rice-a-roni, with green beans--that was Tuesday's lunch as well. (I find the hamburger-rice-pasta mixture a bit bland, especially because I leave the salt out, but it tastes better if you melt some cheese on top. Also I think you could cut down on the proportion of pasta.)


Salmon fillets baked with ginger, garlic, reduced-sodium soy sauce and maple syrup (I used homemade pancake syrup, and those little bean things are the last of a container of cashews from Christmas), couscous (last of the box),

and frozen Oriental-style vegetables. (Fresh veggies haven't been much to speak of lately.)

Sweet potatoes.

And muffin-batter cake with jam in the middle...made with the last of the sour cream (I used half yogurt because there was only half a cup of sour cream), the last of two jars of jam (spread half the batter into the pan, spread jam over that, then add the rest of the batter--bake at 350 until done, let cool a few minutes before you try to slice it).>

P.S. on Wednesday--I mixed the leftover couscous with leftover oatmeal and baked it with milk and brown sugar--hot cereal for breakfast.

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Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

I love the Tightwad Gazette too & their rice a roni recipe! So nice to meet a fellow tightwad.

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