Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Grocery Challenge: Windup and Blessings

Our grocery calculator: Mr. Fixit spent another $106 at the supermarket a couple of nights ago (how does he manage to spend exactly that much?--you'd think he was watching the gas pump), and I threw in $6 yesterday for some dessert treats from the Portuguese grocery near our homeschool co-op. I found it somehow appropriate that we just finished off a big bag of powdered milk (finished it making hot chocolate mix) seemed to say that it was definitely time for a grocery run.

So today we headed for the discount supermarket. I guess we'd count that in with January's food costs, wouldn't we? Even though we'll eat most of it after January. Anyway, it was an amazing trip. We spent $112.58 for a lot of food, including the big bag of milk powder; there was even an unexpected $5 discount for spending over a certain amount. I felt like what we got today was an unexpected blessing--maybe you'd call it a benediction on the month. A reassurance.

Jan. 2: 60.38
Jan. 7: 100.00
Jan. 9: 107.88
Jan. 13: 117.24
Jan. 21: 106.00
Jan. 23: 25.00
Jan. 28: 106.00
Jan. 29: 6.00
Jan. 30: 112.58


Total failure to eat from the pantry? Too many bad choices? Actually, no. I'm looking at it like this: we spent between $140 and $170 (Canadian) a week to feed the five of us, counting in non-food items but not counting meals or snacks eaten away from home--there were a few. That's better than some weeks last year when we were averaging more like $200 a week. This isn't an apology for not keeping up with the likes of Gayle, but it's not an admittance of defeat either. We did all right this month. We "used things up" as creatively as we could. I even got back to sprouting lentils.

And you know what? I'm going to try to keep it up during February--cook and eat from what we have first, even if we continue to restock some things. I won't be blogging about it as often, but I'll still be trying.


Katie said...

Seems to me you focused on what you had on hand this month! That is what I tried to do-- to use up the stuff that gets left in the pantry for awhile.

Risa said...

You spent less than we did on groceries for the month--and we're feeding 4, not 5. Well done!

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