Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Supper tonight? (January Grocery Challenge)

Applesauce Chicken Thighs with leftover sweet potatoes added in; Blender Popovers; spinach.

One thing the popover recipe doesn't mention, that I do because that's how I learned to do it, is heat the greased muffin pan in the oven as it heats up and as you're mixing the batter. When both the oven and the pan are hot (but not smoking--if it starts to smell, take it out), CAREFULLY take the pan out and CAREFULLY fill the holes with batter. Then bake at 450 degrees until the popovers are about as big as they're going to get, and turn it down to 350 until they're finished (maybe not as long as the recipe says--depends on how big they are).

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Lindsey in AL said...

I watched Jamie Oliver make Yorkshire puddings once and he had about 1/4 inch of neutral, high smoking point oil in the bottom of the muffin tins and heated them in the oven that way while he mixed the batter. The effect was the puddings almost fried in the oil and they looked delicious!

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