Saturday, January 09, 2010

Week's Groceries (January Grocery Challenge)

No photos this week, you'll have to use your imagination.

Last weekend we spent about $60.

Mr. Fixit went out grocery shopping with Grandpa Squirrel a few nights ago, and brought back about $100 worth of freezer meat, milk, bananas and a few other things.

Today we went to the discount supermarket and spent $107.88. If you wonder how we spent that much, it's not that hard...sigh. And they were having a sale, too.

This is what we brought home. Some of it's frugal. Some of it's not. That's what you get when everybody goes shopping.

5 lb. whole wheat flour $2.97 (pretty good price)
Flour tortillas $1.99
2 loaves bread @$1.47 ea.: $2.94
Hot dog buns, $1.99
2 bags bagels @1 ea., $2

1 pomegranate $.99
Blueberries $2
Bananas $1.68

Baby-peeled carrots .99
Sweet potatoes $1.75
Celery $1.99
Spinach $1.67
Broccoli $1
Mushrooms $1.52

Tomato soup, $.59 x 2, $1.18
Canned soups (the kind Mr. Fixit can eat), 4 x $2, $8
Can of baked beans .69
Salmon fillets, $5.99

Generic oati-o's $1.99
Generic coffee whitener (to use in drink mixes) $2.79
Molasses, $2.99
Kraft peanut butter, on sale, 2 kg at $2/kg $4
Bag of lentils $1.69
Whipped white stuff we use instead of mayonnaise because of egg and soy sensitivities and not because we think it's good for you: $2.79
Bottled salad dressing $1.49
Hot chocolate mix for emergencies $1.99
Coffee filters $1.79

Shredded cheese, 200 g $2
Parmesan cheese .99
1 bar mozzarella, $5.99
4 L milk, 3.97
Cottage cheese $1.99
Butter $2.97

Frozen lemonade $1
Carton of blueberry juice $1

Potato chips $1.79
3 frozen pasta meals for The Apprentice, 3 at $1, $3
1 frozen pizza, $5.99
Ice Cream, $2.87

Dish soap, $3.49
Shampoo, $2.29
Laundry soap, $3.99

Tax, about $2

1 comment:

Katie said...

You will have some good dinners this week!

Do you have a good recipe for hot chocolate mix? I have some powdered non-dairy creamer (I think that is the same thing as coffee whitener) and cocoa that I want to use up.

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