Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching up--again

What's up with the Treehouse? (Did we find a new nest?)

No. But I'll be sure to mention it (preferably with fireworks) if we ever do.

What's the funniest website Mama Squirrel has come across lately?

Cake Wrecks, particularly this post which shows the dangers of following instructions a little too closely to the letter. But don't let your kids on there alone; some of the comments and photos aren't tasteful.

What is Mama Squirrel reading?

Non-school reading has been a bit slow lately other than a couple of Wendell Berry novels and a re-visit to Charlotte Mason's Home Education. However, Mama Squirrel has found that The Bible Reading Program for Slackers and Shirkers fits her reading style very well. (A PDF of the schedule is here.)

What is Crayons reading?

Every horse book she can find. She's also decorated her side of the Squirreling bedroom with horse colouring pages and all her horse toys. You would think almost a year after her Horse Party, she would have lost interest somewhat, but no. You might even think we actually had any horses around here.

What is The Apprentice looking forward to?

A Pi Day party. Pi Day is March 14th. Any guesses why?

How does Ponytails fool Mama Squirrel every time with those card tricks?

We just won't talk about that.

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AFwife99 said...

That would definitely be the Bible reading plan I need!

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