Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Stuff CMers Like Edition

Welcome to the Groundhog's Day/Candlemas edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival! If Coffeemama had been hosting, she'd probably have made it the Winter Olympics Edition. But since I couldn't choose between them, I decided to make it the Stuff CMers Like Edition. A little of everything, and we'll start with the most thought-provoking education quote I read this week, from Wendell Berry's novel Hannah Coulter (review and excerpts here):
"[Danny and Lyda, a farming couple] wanted the children to study and learn and behave themselves reasonably well, but I don't think they felt any pressure from the future. I don't think they had the idea that they owed it to the children to send them to college.

"When the children got old enough to quit school, if they wanted to quit, they were allowed to do as their father had done....Every one of them seemed to have a perfect faith in the education they got ouside of school, which they didn't even call 'education.' Out of school, they learned what they evidently thought they needed most to know: to keep house, to raise a garden or a crop, to care for livestock, to break a mule or shoe one, to fix a motor and almost anything else, to hunt, fish, trap, preserve a hide, hive a swarm, cook or preserve anything edible, and to take pleasure in such things. To learn things they didn't know, they asked somebody or they read books....When they need to, they do a little custom work on the side, they trade and contrive and make do, getting by and prospering both at once. It doesn't seem to bother them that while they are making crops and meat and timber, other people are making only money...."
Lizzie presents School Update posted at A Dusty Frame.

Coffeemamma presents Winter Homeschooling, posted at A New Day.

The Holistic Homeschooler presents Year in Review: A Charlotte Mason Curriculum (and a thank you!).


Adventures On Beck's Bounty presents Daily Effort Of Education.

Apples and Jammies presents Just Do It.


Queen of Carrots presents "Teaching" Reading and Writing, posted at Introducing the World. "CM comments that a child may have taught himself to read and write before six, but that it shall been when and how he chooses. This post gives details of how I support my preschoolers' desire to read and write in a way that lays a good foundation for the future without pressuring them."

Our Crazy Adventures in autismland! presents Gotta love the zone! "This is what we are doing to work in our child's zone and help him to learn."


Sage Parnassus presents Motto (etymology: Italian, from Late Latin "muttum" - grunt!). "This post discusses CM and The Sacredness of Personality from Vol. 6, Chapter 4."


Sacred Appetite presents The habit of paying attention (or not) and the role of eating in forming it (or not). "One daily opportunity to teach children the habit of attention is at the table, where there a dozens of way to train them for better or worse."


Established Work presents A Broad Education--The Arts, featuring composer Jean Sibelius.


Dewey's Treehouse presents Who was Herr Cižek? A puzzle for CMers.


Jeanne presents Living geography, posted at A peaceful day.


The Holistic Homeschooler presents Charlotte Mason: All About the Books?.

Sage Parnassus presents Firsts (about beginning narration).


Here's a little more from "Danny and Lyda's school of parenting":
"The children were allowed to be as rowdy as they pleased as long as they were outdoors. And outdoors they had pretty much the run of the place, along with a regular zoo of cats and dogs, orphan calves and lambs, pet coons and squirrels and groundhogs. They followed the grownups around at work. They played with Danny's tools and whatever was cast off and lying around: old wheels or tires or inner tubes or rope or string or pieces of chain. When they went into the house they were expected to quiet down, 'for the sake of survival,' and they did. And that didn't mean that they sat in front of the television, either. It meant that they read or played quietly or went to sleep. The older ones helped with the younger ones. They played at work until they old enough to work, and then they worked. This is what Lyda and Danny expected of them, and this seems to have been what they expected of themselves."
Bugs, Knights, and Turkeys in the Yard presents Play the CM Way....


AnnieKate presents Winter Bird Study: Preparing for the Great Backyard Bird Count posted at Tea Time with Annie Kate.

Adventures On Beck's Bounty is also participating in the 2010 Great Backyard Bird Count.


The Mommy Earth presents October Nature Walk.
"[Danny] would follow Burley for hours, hunting or rambling in the woods, Burley saying almost nothing, Danny nothing at all. Danny grew up with the knowledge of the old economy of the natural world that, for nothing and for pleasure, yielded in its seasons game and fish and nuts and berries and herbs and marketable pelts....you might say that Danny....gathered the woods and waters into his homelife as a robin gathers mud and straw into her nest."

In the Sparrow's Nest posted February Nature Notables. (Sorry we missed that one!)

That's the end of this edition of the CM Blog Carnival! Thanks, Jamie, for inviting us to host this time. The next edition will be hosted on February 16th at Established Work, and you can submit your posts here.


coffeemamma said...

Thanks, Mama Squirrel!

Melissa said...

Such great info and diversity!



Beck's Bounty said...

Thank you for assembling this lovely edition of the CM Blog Carnival. It's raining here, and dreary, so perhaps this afternoon I'll stop back with a cup of hot tea and read more after the Cherubs have finished with their formal lessons.


Primal said...

Thanks for hosting! I'm looking at a busy homeschool morning on this dreary, rainy Florida day. But I'll stop back this evening to read!

Richele said...

Great carnival! Thanks for all your hard work!

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I submitted an article, just last night, for the carnival. Did you receive it? Here is the link:


I did receive a receipt that it had went through. I would say it could wait until next months, but it pertains to February.


Blessings, Melissa

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Melissa, No, I didn't see that one--unless it went to the next person who will be hosting? I'd be happy to put it in as an addition to this edition.

Melissa said...

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Great Carnival Mama Squirrel. Thanks for putting it together. I'll be back...

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