Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We do make dinner, so there

I was so annoyed with that "nobody cooks" news story that I spent extra time cooking today. We got a good dinner and I probably won't even have to cook tomorrow night. Double stars.

What did we have?

Bread from the bread machine. A big pan of brownies, half of which went in the freezer for Valentine's Day. Apples.

1 slab of frozen Alaskan Pollock, baked in a casserole with some no-salt seasoning mix and margarine.

1 butternut squash, cut up, and 1 sweet potato, cut up, both put into another casserole with some water and baked along with the fish.

Half a can of pasta sauce, most of a bag of spinach (rinsed), a few mushrooms, and two zucchini (sliced thick), all put into a small casserole and baked along with the fish and squash and sweet potato, to make a sort of ratatouille.

Now this is the tricky part, or maybe not so much. About twenty minutes before we wanted to eat, I took the casserole of vegetables out and noticed that a) they were done and b) there was a lot of liquid from the pasta sauce and the vegetable juices. I drained off the liquid and put it in a pot on the stove, and added a drained/rinsed can of kidney beans and some ditali (small pasta rings), thinking I would just let that simmer and have it be minestrone for tomorrow. I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on the spinach/mushrooms/zucchini and kept it warm until everything else was done.

What actually happened, though, was that by the time we ate, the beans were warmed through and the pasta was done, and most of the liquid was absorbed too. So we just ate the beans/pasta along with the vegetables, and the fish, and your choice of squash/sweet potato, and the bread, and the brownies. If you didn't like something, you didn't have to take any.

And we do have leftovers, but that's fine too.


Beck's Bounty said...

says we don't cook anymore ? (article ?)

We cook daily -- three times daily at least. Breads - breakfast, lunch, dinner - snacks, desserts.

And we don't practice that pre-packaged, from box to microwave, just add water cooking either.

I'm curious ... if people aren't cooking anymore, how and what are they eating ?


Birdie said...

We cook each of our meals and some of our snacks daily. For us, this isn't even a choice, we have to many allergies to do otherwise.

Mama Squirrel said...

Tammy, I linked earlier in the day to a news article saying that Canadians had increased their consumption of packaged meals. The "experts" quoted made it sound like that was perfectly understandable, since nobody has time these days to be "Julia Child."

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