Friday, February 19, 2010

What we did at co-op

(Click on the ship for more thoughts on co-ops; entries will be posted on Tuesday.)

(Followup to this post)

It turned out that a couple of the families with preschoolers were out with the same stomach virus that's been going around, and a couple of others are just away, so we had only five little ones today (ranging from ages two through six).

One of the moms (very bravely) read ALL the stories from Tell Me a Mitzi. (puff, pant)

Then we made clown puppets with plastic spoons, construction paper, tissue paper, markered faces, and odds and ends for trims. If you clip a spring clothespin on the bottom of the spoon handle, it gives the puppet a bit more height.

Then we read The Circus Baby, which is about clowns and a couple of misbehaving elephants.

Then they finished off the puppets.

And then they ate their snack and played in the gym.

The bigger kids had gym time, baked cookies, and started a new art unit about drawing comics. Usually both groups do music, but the music teacher was one of the ones not feeling well today.

Our co-op isn't big enough to have to be too formal--which is a good thing when the weather (and the viruses) can be unpredictable. It works for us.


Molytail said...

Sounds like fun! We don't have a "co-op" here, but we do have a homeschool support group -- field trips sometimes, mums meetings, that kind of doesn't call itself a co-op though.

Berry Patch said...

Interesting! And it sounds like fun. I hope all are soon feeling well! ;-)

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