Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How do you let everybody know what they're supposed to be doing? (Workboxing and more)

Whatever happened to workboxing? Is it last year's homeschooling fad?

If you look at the posting stats for the Yahoo Workboxes group, posting there peaked in August and September last year, dropped somewhat after that, but picked up in June of this year and is up again this month. (Maybe because of Sue Patrick's seminar at the Virtual Expo?)

We set up a workboxing system at the end of last summer because of our involvement in the Review Crew. When the review was written (and we were, so to speak, off the hook), the girls were still happy to use their shoeboxes (Crayons) and magazine holders (Ponytails)....Ponytails I think more so than Crayons. (Crayons got in the habit of just skipping any boxes that she wasn't fond of.) One thing I appreciated about it, especially for Ponytails, was having a place to put all the school books she would need for a particular day. It did make setting up each day's work quite easy, once I had the week planned out.

Are we going to do workboxing again this year? Do I waste all my beautiful efforts, all my poster board and clear contact paper and Velcro dots? And what am I going to do with all those shoeboxes?

Well, the last question is already answered: right now they're storing math manipulatives in the cupboard. (I had to hunt down the lids.)

The rest of the answer is: I just don't know. I would prefer to keep my bookshelves clear of shoeboxes and use more of a traditional checklist system this year. But Ponytails likes the visual aspect and independence of working through the magazine holders, so if she wants to continue with that setup, I'm fine with that too. For Crayons, I think we need something different...maybe separate containers for her different subjects (which is kind of the way I ended up doing workboxes with her anyway last year), but not in a numbered, workboxing way.

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Stacie said...

I have just only heard of the workboxes just recently. We are going to get back into homeschooling this up coming school year. I am going through all my stuff and sorting it out. We haven't tried them yet. Still debating if I want to yet.

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