Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And get that writing and drawing garbage out of my classroom--whaddaya think this is?

One more good reason to homeschool:

"In public school (yes, we’ve been there too… so I speak with authority on this subject) he used to get beaten up by the “tough” kids because he’d rather draw and write stories at lunch break … and the teachers told him (you won’t believe this)… “well, maybe he should keep his art and writing for at home and play football here at school so he can fit in more” !!!!"-- "The Cost of Homeschooling" at Mom Loves Books


Beck's Bounty said...

Absurd that "fitting in" is somehow more important to some, isn't it ??

P.S. Have a great new school year.


Shanon R said...

I know, ridiculous eh? I remember thinking that you'd THINK they'd ENCOURAGE his writing... you know, being SCHOOL and all.. but alas, no.
And the funny part is? They could have been part of something lasting and wonderful, since he's gone on to write 2 novels and is halfways through his third (these are LONG novels too, btw)... thankfully he wasn't "conformed" the their world... but it was a sad time in his life.

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