Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Found at the thrift shop

While unloading more boxes of books today, Mama Squirrel picked out these ones to bring home:

"Ordinary" Children, Extraordinary Teachers, by Marva Collins

A book about Magellan (for Mr. Fixit)

Solar Flare, by Larry Burkett (also for Mr. Fixit)

Alvin Fernald, Master of a Thousand Disguises, by Clifford B. Hicks (for Crayons/Dollygirl.  Not the best entry in the Alvin series, but the only one I've seen in a long time, so I bought it.)

The White Queen, by Philippa Gregory (about Elizabeth Woodville.  This one got VERY mixed reviews on Amazon, but I am going to check it out for myself.  I wanted a bit more on the Richard III story, after recently rereading Daughter of Time.) [UPDATE: around page 23, I started really not liking this book. Daughter of Time this isn't, and it's also not for young maidens.  I guess it's going back to the store.]

A fairly recent Canadian atlas to help with ninth grade geography.

And a Klutz book that I can't go into more detail on because it might be a gift for someone.

(Not bad for three hours' hard work.)

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Melissa said...

You are the queen of thrift store shopping!