Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's get more than wet (good quotes for homeschoolers)

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet."
--Roger Miller, American singer/songwriter, 1936-1992

Here's a probably-apocryphal story about Albert Einstein's wife:
"Mrs Einstein in an American Lab":  Before they immigrated to the US, the Einsteins endured the severe economic situation in post WWI Germany. Mrs. E saved old letters and other scrap paper for Albert to write on and so continue his work. Years later, Mrs. Einstein was pressed into a public relations tour of some science research center. Dutifully she plodded through lab after lab filled with gleaming new scientific napery, The American scientists explaining things to her in that peculiarly condescending way we all treat non-native speakers of our own language. Finally she was ushered into a high-chambered observatory, and came face to face with another, larger, scientific contraption. "Well, what's this one for?" she muttered. "Mrs. Einstein, we use this equipment to probe the deepest secrets of the universe," cooed the chief scientist. "Is THAT all!" snorted Mrs. E. "My husband did that on the back of old envelopes!"  (One source of this story--but since it's been repeated word-for-word across the Internet, it's hard to give proper credit.)
It's not the equipment you have: it's what you do with it.
"If we cannot find something, even at starting from the open door, to teach us about Why and How, we must be very short-sighted, or very shallow-hearted."--Charles Kingsley, Madam How and Lady Why
Half a dozen excellent books...well, maybe a full dozen...studied with attention, could give one a first-rate education, and a course in writing as well. (John Ruskin agrees.)
"This was one thing meant by Dennis when he said there was 'suthin peculiarsome' about Abe.  It seemed that Abe made the books tell him more than they told other people.  All the other farm boys had gone to school and read 'The Kentucky Preceptor,' but Abe picked out questions from it...."--Carl Sandburg, Abe Lincoln Grows Up
All ya gotta do is put your mind to it
Knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it 
--Roger Miller

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Jennifer said...

You got me smiling with the Einstein quote. I remember my Grandmother sharing old scraps for me and my cousins to mark on. Thanks again for hosting the carnival.

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