Sunday, November 27, 2011

For your amusement: Two Squirrelings play Seven of Seven (six years ago)

Originally posted in December, 2005. A popular meme at the time was "Seven of Seven," telling about your seven favourite things in seven categories. First up: The Apprentice, early in her teenagerdom.

I accept mamasquirrel's open challenge.

Things to do before I die.

 1. See some famous paintings: "The Mona Lisa"

2. "The Last Supper"

3. "Creation"

4. See some movies: The latest "Doctor Who" movie,

5. The new "Pride and Predjudice",

6. The new "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe".

7. Change someone's life.

Things I cannot do:

1. Wear mamasquirrel's shoes (She'd let me but they don't fit).

2. Wear skinny shoes.

3. Have a lemonade stand (We live on a no-parking street).

4. Touch my toes (The reason for this being that I am tall).

5. Do a cartwheel.

6. Stand on my head.

7. Do a somersault.

Things that attract me to my spouse:

Seven things I say most often:
 1. "In a minute."

2. "Ponytails, can I borrow some of your earrings?"

3. "Can I use the computer?"

4. "Snack-snack!" (I say this to my hamster when I bring her her treats)

5. "Where did Crayons get that vocabulary?"

6. "I'm going to go paint my nails."

7. "Yes, you may, but don't hurt it." (If a sibling borrows something)

Seven books (or series) I love:

1. Bruchko

2. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

3. Oliver and Amanda's Christmas

4. Crafty Girl: Beauty Things to make and do

5. The Stevie Diamond Detective Series

6. Great Expectations

7. Oliver Twist

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time):

1. The Five Doctors

2. The Secret Garden

3. A Little Princess

4. Pete's Dragon

5. The Muppet Movie

6. The Phantom Tollbooth

7. The Wizard of Oz (These are but to name a few)

And here are Seven Sevens by Ponytails, who was not much more than Seven.

Seven Sevens, by Ponytails

Things to Do Before I Turn 10

1. Learn how to spin a baton on my finger. That would be really fun.

2. Learn how to turn a cartwheel.

3. Read Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy Maze (with Mama Squirrel)

4. Learn to do a double or triple pirouette.

5. See the Narnia movie.

6. Meet someone famous. But the problem is, they're probably dead. (Ponytails' list includes Mary Cassatt, Judy Garland, Elton John and Lynda Carter.)

7. See the painting "Girl in a Blue Armchair" by Mary Cassatt. (Mama Squirrel's note: That's in the National Gallery in Washington D.C.)

Seven of My Favourite Movies That I Like

1. Daddy Daycare

2. The Muppets Wizard of Oz

3. The five minutes of Anger Management that Daddy let me watch when the man sings "I'm so pretty"

4. The Elton John episode of The Muppet Show

5. The Lynda Carter episode of The Muppet Show

6. The wizard of oz (the other one)

7. Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Things You Can Say on a CB Radio

1. Breaker 11, Come in Enterprise.

2. What's your 10-20? (It means where are you?)

3. How am I hitting you?

4. Want to go to another channel? There's a lot of skip on this one. (Skip is other people talking.)

5. Can you give me a five count? (I want to see how many bars you're coming in on. That means how strong you're coming in.)

6. I didn't copy that. (I didn't hear that.)

7. Over and out.


The Apprentice said...

I sound so...little.

Melissa said...

this is precious

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