Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Found at the thrift store

My Book House, Volume 6--the only volume missing from our set. I didn't break up a set to get it: several volumes came into the thrift store today, but not a complete set (we did look in all the boxes).

Immanuel: Reflections on the Life of Christ, by Michael Card.

If this book about William Kurelek's faith and art looks familiar, that's because I mentioned it last week but didn't buy it then.  But it was still on the shelf today, so I brought it home.

Plus two vintage Scholastic mysteries for the collection, and a couple of items that I can't divulge before Christmas.

Strangest title that came up today:

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amy in peru said...

I'm SO jealous of your thrifting... !

but happy for you that you get to! :)

amy in peru
where there are NO thrift stores...