Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quote for the day: Hardcover, schmardcover

"I houseclean my books every spring and throw out those I'm never going to read again like I throw out clothes I'm never going to wear again. It shocks everybody. My friends are peculiar about books. They read all the best sellers, they get through them as fast as possible, I think they skip a lot. And they NEVER read anything a second time so they don't remember a word of it a year later....The way they look at it, you buy a book, you read it, you put it on the shelf, you never open it again for the rest of your life but YOU DON'T THROW IT OUT! NOT IF IT HAS A HARD COVER ON IT! Why not? I personally can't think of anything less sancrosanct than a bad book or even a mediocre book."--Helene Hanff, "September 18, 1952," 84, Charing Cross Road
(I'll remember this one when I'm chucking books in the recycle bin at the thrift store.)

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love this quote. My sister reads mostly modern novels (what C. M. would call "twaddle" at its' worst) and I don't think she ever re-reads any of them.

She has bookshelves with all of those hardbacks everywhere in her house. :)

I have my own idiosyncrasy, though. I'm not fond of dust jackets and I always feel guilty if I throw one away (of course, I do keep the dust jackets from vintage books).

We may have room for one more bookshelf if it is squeezed in but for the most part, when we bring books in then something else has to go so I had to face reality a few years ago... I have more books than I probably can read.