Friday, December 23, 2011

366 Items Lighter? Declutter Challenge

I just read on Penny Pinching Professional about a Declutter Challenge hosted by Single Saver.

Here are the rules, as posted by SS.
1.) Declutter 366 (or more) items from your home.
2.) Items may be donated, sold, or given away to count towards the 366 item total.
3.) Trash does not count towards the 366 item total... but you are encouraged to get rid of it, too!
4.) Items don't count towards the 366 total until they actually leave your house... we all know how easy it is to set aside something to sell or donate, only to forget it about it and have it contribute to clutter in anther room of the house. Our goal is to get rid of clutter, not just move it around. :)
5.) Tell me you are participating in the Challenge and I will add your name to the official list of challengers, below!
I'm not sure yet about officially joining up, but I'll think about it.  Like PPP, I think the "no garbage" limitation is a bit of a stumper here; I'd rather just chuck a "white elephant" rather than put the thrift shop to the trouble of sorting and disposing of it (says one who knows); but I guess if you don't KNOW if they are going to chuck it, it still counts, right?

Actually yesterday I did something that falls within the parameters of the contest:  I sold my long-loved-but-getting-neglected guitar to someone who wanted one for a Christmas gift.  But the purchaser brought us a book of Christmas carols (library discard, but I love it!) along with the payment, so, hm, if we're counting actual numbers of things, that was one thing out, one thing in.  But still.
Are you supposed to actually list the stuff that goes out?  That could get slightly embarrassing, no?  Or long-winded, in the case of every book I decide to give away.

But okay, we'll start here.


Susan Barclay said...

I wondered what the thrift shops did with stuff they deemed unsuitable. I was hoping that if it was still in good condition, they might send it to an organization or country that mightn't be as picky about style as we westerners can be.

Mama Squirrel said...

My use of "chuck" may be somewhat misleading--sorry. But I guess it depends on the thrift shop and what the item is. I know that the organization that runs our store tries to encourage creative ideas to reduce waste and find ways to use what can't be sold outright.

At the shop where we volunteer, clothes that we can't put out on the floor are trucked to another site where they are sorted for recycling etc, and some of them do go overseas from there.

Very outdated books or those in poor condition (smelly, ripped, water-warped, every page underlined) go in blue bins for paper recycling. I know the store also has a system for e-waste. I'm not sure about other items, since I don't usually work on those. If you're curious, the best idea would be to phone the thrift store and ask what they do with (whatever).

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