Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Found at the thrift store

Today was actually the first time since mid-October that the thrift store wasn't filled with Christmas decorations, books, and everything else.  Most of the Christmas stuff was moved out this week to another location for a special "warehouse sale."  So, other than the silly songs playing over the radio, and a few last-minute holiday things that came in, it was a surprisingly non-Christmas-overkill kind of afternoon.  (Good thing we bought all those ornaments and things last week before they disappeared.)

Mama Squirrel did find a few books and videos to bring home.  A couple are for particular people, but I'll list them anyway.
Today's best find:  a complete VHS boxed set of Narnia videos.  Not the more recent theatre films; the BBC version.  We've seen several of them before, from the library; our favourite is probably The Silver Chair, with Tom Baker as Puddleglum.  Also we found a couple of Christmas videos that we had been wanting to watch. 
Everything Origami:  cool oversized book with a pack of paper included.

Dante, The Divine Comedy, III: Paradise, translated by Dorothy L. Sayers and Barbara Reynolds. 

Light from Heaven, by Jan Karon.  The one Mitford book from the original series that I didn't have.

A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton, by Steven Kellogg.  We are big Pinkerton fans.

Our Man in Havana, by Graham Greene.  One of my favourite Alec Guinness movies.

Was there a "strangest book seen" today?  Can't think of one in particular...

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Van said...

I LOVE those origami books but I always find the ones with no paper ;) Great thrifty finds.