Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you for the Liebster Award!

Karen at Wisdom and Righteousness has given us a blog award:  the Liebster Award.

"The Liebster Award is for small blogs (fewer than 200 followers) that can be described as dearest, sweet, beloved, kind, or favorite.”

Thank you so much!  I am delighted to be a "liebster."

Which "small bloggers" to pass it on to?  It's hard to pick, but here are five from my Google Reader. (To misquote The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, there are no small bloggers, just small blogs.)

1.  Wings and Prayers:  Birdie doesn't post all the time, but her thoughts are always worth hearing.
"I look up to see my baby staggering toward me on unsteady little legs that cannot yet support him without help. He can see me across the room. I’m the help he needs, the thing he longs for. He’s not hungry, or in need of a change. In fact, he is doing quite well, but he suddenly realizes that he has strayed from me, that he is not as close to me as he thought he was and feels that sudden desperate need to get back to that safe place again. Yeah, I know that feeling, and just like my Father in Heaven, I run to meet that little one who needs me and wants to return."
2.  The Duchy of Burgundy Carrots:  Like Wings and Prayers, this blog doesn't show a follower list, so I'm assuming it fits the 200-or-less criteria.  Queen of Carrots is a homeschooled, homeschooling mama who will tackle anything, even taking out blackberries:
"Even better, it's a job that the kids prefer to observe from a respectful distance. When I'm whipping about a forty-foot length of vine with inch-long spikes, I never find myself suddenly tackled at the knees. And since it involves clearing new play places among the underbrush, they are happy to occupy themselves.

"And it even seems rather Christmassy. At least, the third verse of Joy to the World sounds appropriate."
3.  A New Day:  A former AO mama who could probably use some extra lieb.
"I am very excited about graduating from Mercy, and I am looking forward to starting my PhD program at the University of Phoenix. I worry a bit about how I will do it, but I consider the One who is behind all of this, and I rest in the knowledge that He is God, and that as such, He is more than able to help me to accomplish this goal."
4.  Tea Time with Annie Kate:  homeschooling, health, theology, and more.
"When you can’t see the forest for the trees, just keep on going, step by step. Just because you temporarily lost the map doesn’t mean that the path you laid out earlier is no good."
5.  Home Joys:  life on the farm, life with a family.
"I've been reading through some of the Christ's healings in the Gospels. I have faith to believe that an overwrought mom can be a recipient of the Master's healing touch. Not just from back pain (which is much improved) but in wrong thinking.
"Maybe the first thing I need to do is dig out my neglected gratitude journal and start looking for blessings.
"Because God IS good. I have just been too distracted to notice."
Thank you all for sharing your lives, families, and faith with us. Merry Christmas.


Gina said...

Thank you for nominating me!
Your blog is a blessing.

Queen of Carrots said...

Thank you! Lovely idea. :-)

Birdie said...

Thank you so much! I am honored.

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