Friday, June 08, 2012

What's up in the Treehouse?

The Apprentice is working pretty much full-time hours this summer at a hair salon.  The hair salon is in the city where she goes to university, so she's staying at her off-campus house during the week while she works and takes night courses.  At least that makes it easier for her to get to class, but it means she's not going to be here for much of the rest of the summer, even on weekends.  Her weekends are going to consist of something like "Tuesday."

I had summer jobs like that too.

Ponytails is in the home stretch--grade nine exams start soon.  This week's big project was to make a board game for her business class.  Which she did, very thoroughly--bar-coded box and all.  Today is the high school's annual lunchtime carnival, featuring a reverse dunk tank.  I thought that might mean that the people throwing the ball get wet, but no, it means the victim/teacher gets a bucket of water dumped on him/her.

Mama Squirrel and Crayons have been skipping school to sew a summer wardrobe for AbbyAbby is a Springfield doll who joined Crayons' family this year. Yesterday we made Abby a tent (a bed ruffle draped over a folding chair), a sleeping bag from a fleece sweatshirt, red striped pajamas from the rest of the sweatshirt, red slippers to go with the pajamas, two pairs of shorts, a sun dress, a sun top, and a sun hat.  Crayons also made her a tote bag, a camping lantern, a campfire, and I'm not sure what else.  Now Abby can go off to camp.  I think Crayons is going to post some photos later.

Mr. Fixit is still scouting for used radios and suchlike.

We are still fighting rabbits in our garden.  They ate all the peppers off a young plant that we put in.  I don't think they are eating the zucchini--some slugs beat them to it, and they (the slugs) didn't seem to care about the dish of beer I put down to entice them away.  (Maybe the rabbits beat them to that.)  At least the zucchini plants are still there, minus some of their foliage, and I'm keeping an eye on them for anything crawly.

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JC said...

I have rabbit problemsin my garden this year that are worse than usual because the rabbit warren in the park across the road was dug up during construction. I have tried many things to protect the garden without success. This year I started putting out a pie plate with cracked corn and my gardens are thriving (except in the spot where the bunnies nap each morning).

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